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Last updated 17th June 2019

Map to find Dartington Studios


Brown = past Yellow = to come


May 2019

Sat 18th - Dance Through Movement Day workshop (details)
Sunday 19th - Music-Led Dance 10:30 - 12:30  Studio 6
Monday 20th - Robert covers Kay's class South Brent Village Hall
9.45am to 12noon
Wed 22nd- Dance Through Movement (details)

June 2019

Sunday 2nd - Music-Led Dance 10:30 - 12:30  Studio 3
Wed 5th - Dance Through Movement (details)
Monday 10th - Music-Led Dance at the Civic Hall, Totnes (link)
Wed 12th - Dance Through Movement (details)
Sunday 16th - Music-Led Dance 10:30 - 12:30  Studio 3

Wed 19th - Dance Through Movement (details)

Wed 26th - Dance Through Movement (details)

Sunday 30th - Music-Led Dance 10:30 - 12:30  Studio 3


July 2019

Wed 3rd - Dance Through Movement - Series ends (details)

Sunday 14th - Music-Led Dance 10:30 - 12:30  Studio 3


Further Music-Led Dance dates to be announced
(with likely change of venue in August)


August 2019

Saturday 3rd - day workshop with Kate Becker 

The Serpent and the Whale — Breathwork & the Mystic Body

Time and venue to be announced


September 2019

Sunday 1st - Music-Led Dance 10:30 - 12:30  Studio 3

Sunday 22nd - Music-Led Dance 10:30 - 12:30  Studio 3

Sunday 29th - Music-Led Dance 10:30 - 12:30  Studio 3




Music-Led Dance venue

Music-Led Dance on Sunday mornings is on Dartington Hall Estate, near Totnes.

Studios 3 & 6 are in the Space complex at Lower Close
just down from the Barn Cinema (see map link top of this page)

Car park = £2.50 for 3 hours - there is usually a charge on Sundays


What is Music-Led Dance ... ?

Music-Led Dance is unguided by words.
I may suggest a theme, however, I leave it to your inner guide to
suggest movement whether that be quiet, small and on the floor or
energetic and noisey.


Read more about Robert here:
Totnes Dance Collective

You can also read more about Music-Led Dance here:

Music-Led Dance page



What people have said about Music-Led Dance...

"I never like missing these 'Sunday morning Dance-church' sessions"


"Robert holds a deep permissive space for dropping into a personal exploration of
movement in the moment to a rich backdrop of sounds, in a group setting that is
both held and yet wide open to exploration.
No instruction. No parameters.
Just a deep invitation to explore the magic of our embodied expression to
sound and music unfathomably held beyond words

K. C.

"Robert's music led mornings are welcoming, free and safe.
There may be a thread to follow, supported/unfolded by his choice of music,
but it isn't necessary to be with unless it calls.
A recent dance on one's breath was gorgeous.
All in all, a lovely, warm and embodying way to spend my Sunday morning.

M. D.


"Robert has an innately magical way of bringing joy to  dance.
His music, however eclectic and surprising, always seems to hit the spot."

M. B


" I think you're holding something really special ..."
N. W.


" loving you in your depth, genius djing and
commitment to embodied movement and community.

H. C.


" I have been dancing at Robert's dances for years.
I love the diversity of the music and the freedom and
space Robert creates for complete self expression.

Chris F.



For more info on Music-Led Dance and Music-Led Live! see

this link (on Totnes Dance Collective site)

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